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Terri Cole

Boundary Bootcamp,

When I shot with Anastasia, it was a completely different experience from the many photoshoots I’ve done before. I loved the pictures she took of Danielle [LaPorte], who is a friend of mine, and Anastasia came highly recommended by her. I was impressed with the amount of time she took to prepare for the shoot, and how she actually flew in and came to my home. The prep itself really helped me figure out “where am I going?” and “how do I want people to feel?” She helped me realize that there was a real connection.

Anastasia has this incredible gift, this intuition, about who you are, and she brings that out through her ability to be spontaneous. Not only did I get clarity about my brand and where I want it to go through this process, but I also gained an entirely new audience through these photos because they truly are “all of me.” Throughout the process, Anastasia is so intuitive, spontaneous, and has so many great ideas, and is such an expert with lighting—this it is so much fun! I felt incredibly taken care of.

about terri

I’m interested in the True Reality of Love. The Love that clarifies, includes, and redeems. The Love that as A Course In Miracles puts it, "wants to join out of mutual abundance.” The Love that rushes into scarcity and division with generosity. I aspire to Love more than I am loved—it only recently occurred to me to give that a shot. It’s difficult. And amazing.

I think it’s too late in the day for business to be anything other than a vehicle for social and environmental healing. I think the opposite of spiritualism isn't necessarily materialism—it’s greed. I think loneliness is an epidemic. I believe that wellness is our natural state of being. I love what happens when we really hear each other.

I respectfully acknowledge that I live, work and play with my family on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Lil'wat Nation