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Why you and your images are so important

I’ve been fortunate to work alongside some pretty incredible people as they’ve built and grown their ideas into businesses that thrive. I’ve also launched and run several businesses of my own. Again and again, I’ve seen that the real drivers of success are the people and purposes behind an idea, product or service.

Whatever stage you’re at in building your brand, I’ve been there, and I have a pretty good idea of where you need to go to cultivate your visibility, share your story and grow your business. 

Brand Sessions are designed to help you create a visual narrative that showcases everything you’ve invested in your business and conveys it in a way that resonates with the people you most want to connect with. My process is thorough and intuitive, guiding you to explore parts of yourself and your story in an authentic way that supports your growth and goals.

Beyond the images, I hope you leave your session believing that you have something unique and valuable to offer the world and feeling inspired to share it.

To genuinely connect and make an impact, your photos need to capture the many facets of your work and personal narrative and convey that to the world.

I love

that you are here.

Whether you’ve come because you need new brand images and you’re deciding on a photographer, or you’re considering designing a visual strategy for the first time, I know the worth and importance of this work inside and out,

The way I invest in my own businesses has changed a lot over the past 16 years, and brand photography is definitely not one price or package fits all. Your investment will depend a lot on the stage of your business. What your business needs at five, ten, and fifteen years is a conversation that I want to be a part of, so I take a long view —how can I serve you now to make sure I am still serving you ten or fifteen years down the road?

I especially love that you landed here because it means you’re already seeing a new strategy, vision or direction for your business and that’s always a good sign. Your desire to push forward, create, invent or evolve is enough. We can start designing your upgraded visual strategy now, or simply make a plan so you’re ready to invest in the future.

Choose a time where you have fifteen minutes to half an hour to set aside to chat and schedule a call with me. I’ll be 100% transparent about the right timing for you to invest in a visual strategy, and I’ll share advice on the best process and services to meet your current needs.

When you schedule a phone call, you’ll receive my Welcome Guide which walks you through my process of creating powerful and efficient visual strategies, plus showcases some of the ways I’ve worked with clients to achieve their goals.

When I call, you can expect all the attention, support, curiosity, questions, experience, advice, honesty and intuition I’ve developed over sixteen years in business, plus a genuine desire to help you amplify who you are and what you do. 

and I have a price and a process that will work for you.

talk to me!

Proposals start at $1200

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