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welcome inside

I love that you’re here.

I’ve been fortunate to work alongside some pretty incredible people as they’ve built and grown their ideas into businesses that thrive. I’ve also launched and run several businesses of my own. Whether you’re here because you need new brand images and you’re deciding on a photographer, or you’re considering designing a visual strategy for the first time, I know the worth and importance of this work inside and out.

The way I invest in my own businesses has changed a lot over the past 16 years, and brand photography is definitely not one price or package fits all. Your investment will depend a lot on the stage of your business. What your business needs at five, ten, and fifteen years is a conversation that I want to be a part of, so I take a long view—how can I serve you now to make sure I am still serving you ten or fifteen years down the road?

Anastasia Creative

As everyone is so unique, I have created offers that will fit if you are a creative, a maker, a solo entrepreneur, part of a team, just starting out or well-seasoned.

My team and I offer brand photography for people and products and a mix of both, plus the option of including creative direction, personal styling, hair and makeup services and mentoring. 

Most importantly, we care...we want to be there every step of the way. To learn more now, schedule a call with me.

i want to chat with you!

Designing a visual narrative that showcases your products, services, beliefs and ideas is an exploration and a journey. Your goals and growth come first. My process is thorough and intuitive, guiding you to explore parts of yourself and your story in an authentic way.

The following services are included in each visual strategy session we offer and can be adapted to your unique requirements.


Brand Audit

A brand audit is the first step in designing your visual strategy. It’s a plan for mapping out where you are today with your website, social media feeds, marketing plan, time management and/or your level of energy for all of this! We’ll root out any trouble spots or energy drains in your process, so you can create a sustainable online presence that energizes you and your business.


Narrative of Nine

In preparation for your photo session, I’ll help you decide on five to nine values, ideas or messages that you want to communicate to your clients. These categories will form the basis of your visual narrative with each category revealing a different facet of your business, beliefs and vision. After your photo session, I'll show you how to pair your images with your new strategic messaging and we’ll plan and schedule your Instagram with 18 curated images, messages and hashtags ready to go.


Photo Session

Branding photo sessions are celebrations. The work we’ve done up front together has prepared you for this day, so my team and I see this as a chance to support and inspire you. It’s so rare to have a day in your schedule to relax and enjoy, so we make the most of it, including little surprises and nurturing practices to ensure the session represents you at your most relaxed and confident. Photos sessions are available for people, people and products, and just products.

i want to chat with you!

Here are a few clients I’ve worked with at various stages of their careers with very different goals and visions. I hope you see some of yourself in these stories, and in the stories of clients on the website.

Rebecca Brewer



wish list

to introduce herself and her writing process to her readers, images to include in her media kit and share on social media


props, location, personal styling, hair & makeup


consultation, visual strategy, two hours of photography x 2 sessions

Nicolette Richer


entrepreneur, doctoral student, health advocate, healer

wish list

photos that keep up with her multifaceted business, multiple new projects, and high energy


Nope. She’s way too busy!


our recommended in house stylist (visual curator), sourcing/ renting props, clothing selection support, location scouting, assistant, art direction/ consultation, visual strategy, full day 10 hour photo session



team of healthcare professionals

wish list

photos to introduce their new practice emphasizing their values, lifestyle, professionalism and warm personalities, images for website and sharing on social media feeds 


location, patients (family members), clothing


our recommended hair and makeup artist, photographer’s assistant for three+ people, in house stylist/ visual curator, multiple locations, art direction/ consultation, visual strategy, 6 hour photoshoot with a 3 shoot commitment within one year.

view the images from our shoots

view the images from our shoots

view the images from our shoots

I look forward to learning more about you, hearing your ideas and sharing with you some ideas on how we can work together. What I know for sure is, I have a price and a process that works for you.

Choose a time where you have fifteen minutes to half an hour to set aside to chat and schedule a call with me. I’ll be 100% transparent about the right timing for you to invest in a visual strategy, and I’ll share advice on the best process and services to meet your current needs.

When I call, you can expect all the attention, support, curiosity, questions, experience, advice, honesty and intuition I’ve developed over sixteen years in business, plus a genuine desire to help you amplify who you are and what you do.

I’ll leave you with this line from my Manifesto which nicely sums up my intention for our work together:

"I want you to feel genuine in your photos, online and in life."  

And when our session is complete, I want you to have authentic, evocative images that show the gifts, the grit, the purpose and the magic I see, when I see you.

Anastasia, xo

i want to chat with you!

In addition to the brand audit, narrative of nine strategy and photo session, I offer some additional services by curated in-house and/or recommended independent professionals that can save you time, boost your confidence and/or help create a specific mood or scene for your brand photography session.

Each of these services can be added to your brand session for an additional fee:

Professional Hair and Makeup Services
Personal Styling
Clothing Sourcing
Creative Direction
Prop and Location Styling
Location Scouting and Booking
Photoshoot Assistant (strongly recommended for groups)
Travel to your location outside the Sea to Sky Corridor
Additional 90 days of Instagram Curation

I offer ongoing mentoring sessions that begin with the idea that you’re only truly successful when your business fits your life. We begin here and work outwards to create sustainable rhythms and processes that support your beliefs and values as a human being and a business owner. 

There aren’t five easy steps to success when what you really want is a successful, thriving relationship with yourself. 

Mentoring sessions are offered on a monthly basis with weekly check-ins, homework, personalized support, plus technical and practical resources that streamline your workflow, and help align all of your work with your internal compass. Learn more about Anastasia Creative Mentorship.


"Working with Anastasia was like unlocking a door to clarity, honesty and creativity; not only in my business but in my vision for myself as a woman and the direction I want my life to take."

lani sheldon

I respectfully acknowledge that I live, work and play with my family on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Lil'wat Nation