Narrative Brand Photography Sessions

Brand Sessions are designed to help you create a visual narrative. To genuinely connect and make an impact, your photos need to capture the many facets of your work and personal narrative and convey that to the world. 

Put yourself in your brand photos

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Whether your business is people, products or a place—we can create images that tell your story. Together, we dive into the process, the “why” behind what you do. These are not just the perfectly-polished shots you might see anywhere, my work is to capture the sincerity of you and your work.

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot


    Narrative photos humanize your brand and raise your online presence. They convey who you are and what you offer quickly and powerfully. Intentional imagery and intuitive messaging will capture the attention of your ideal clients and give your current clients a reason to reach out again and again.

    Attract Clients

    Why put yourself in your brand?

    Creating a personal brand narrative allows you to imagine your business growing in ways you previously only dreamed of. This process is essential if you want to be intentional about your goals and create a clear plan to achieve them. Rising to a new level of visibility can attract a new audience or inspire a new direction for your business allowing you to truly prosper. 

    Grow Your Brand

    Investing in a library of consistent, impactful images makes consistent communication with your clients effortless. Want to share an insight, provide information, or showcase a product or achievement? Just pull an image from any one of your narratives to express what’s on your mind, then get back to doing the work you love. 

    Save Time

    There will be a moment when I look through my lens and catch my breath because there you are - in all your magnificence, goofiness, intelligence, and fearlessness. That magic moment is where the best true stories begin. 

    The short version

    About Anastasia

    I help entrepreneurs create authentic visual content that connects them with people who will invest in their work. I believe that cultivating visibility helps us grow our businesses, and I want you to catch a glimpse of the beautifully imperfect and wholly compelling person that the rest of us see when we see you. 

    The slightly longer version

    As a career photographer I've witnessed some breathtaking things.
    The intimate beauty of people falling in love and making other people.
    The inspirational beauty of people making things to make the
    world better.
    The heartbreaking beauty of people saying goodbye to people they love.
    I thought I knew the value of an image, at least a little better than most.

    One photo,
    taken of me during a particularly tough season,
    reminded me that I'm more than the sum of my parts,
    showed me beauty that I thought was gone,
    opened my eyes to who I (really) am.
    It allowed me to let go of everything else
    and I will never forget how that made me feel.
    If you've ever felt less than 100% genuine in front of the camera.
    If you've hidden the parts you see as 'less than'.
    If you rely on retouching and would rather not.
    If you've let others dictate your image and felt less than excited about the result.
    If you crave your own magnificence under all those layers of
    expectations and trends.
    I'm here to remind you, of you.
    All of you.

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    I would love to talk to you. 

    We can talk about what a photo session will be like for you, and how you can use your photos to expand your influence and deepen your connections.