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Anastasia Creative


Alexa Fischer

Wishbeads, California

Can I just tell you how much fun Anastasia and I had working together!? We had so much fun capturing so much material. It was phenomenal. Her energy was totally contagious.

There is something really special about Anastasia. She creates a space where you are really relaxed to be yourself. She creates a space, allowing you to calm down, and really be in the present and to be yourself.

We’re all out here looking for connection and collaboration, and when you can find someone who can capture the essence of your soul and also is a kindred spirit…that’s magic.

about ALEXA

Alexa is an actress, coach and motivational speaker who believes working with your wishes can help them to become reality. She was educated at the Yale School of Drama and has appeared in prime-time television shows like NCIS, CSI, Numb3rs and Bones, and she’s been featured for her work in Fast Company, Forbes Women, numerous podcasts and an appearance on The Today Show. Wishbeads, Alexa’s company, goes alongside her work with private clients, Fortune 500 companies and philanthropic organizations, teaching them how to connect effectively to achieve personal and professional goals.

Alexa is based in California, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and a rescue dog named Eddie. In addition to Wishbeads, you can find out more about her work at

Why we love Alexa

There’s something about witnessing a woman who is doing the work she is made for and loves—it’s something I am blessed to see through the lens of my camera, especially while doing these all-encompassing sessions through Anastasia Creative. Alexa is just that. Her work with Wishbeads encourages all of us women to focus on our wishes, dreams, and goals. Each time you peek at your wrist,

Wishbeads reminds you that you have the power to take your life in any direction you want. Working with Alexa is a lot like that too! Learn more and get your own Wishbeads at

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