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Welcome to Anastasia Creative. Home of the All of You sessions, big picture brand and product photography, for honest businesses and the beautiful people who build them.


What Deb says: I’m not gonna lie. I was terrified to hire Anastasia because I was afraid I wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, young enough, photogenic enough to warrant hiring such a talented professional photographer. But what I discovered was that Anastasia is more than a photographer. She’s a midwife.  She sees with the eye […]

What Janet Says: A few months ago I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Anastasia on rebranding and recreating my website. I say the privilege, because Anastasia is one of those humans who light up a room, whose energy is captivating yet peaceful. I knew instantly that Anastasia could be the only one […]

What Heidi says: Working with Anastasia and her amazing team including Neve Petersen and Jessie Mcnaught, has been wonderful from start to finish. Anastaisa’s work speaks for itself, it is distinct, beautiful, rich, natural and spontaneous. Her aesthetic has always drawn me in. Now that she has created a team to work with her, it […]