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Schuyler Grant

Kula Yoga, California

“I have suffered through many photoshoots. Photo lenses like poisonous snakes. Then came Anastasia. The antidote. What grace. What ease. What fun! Who knew it was possible to make friends with a camera?!”

ABOUT schuyler

Schuyler grew up on a small communal property in Northern California. As soon as she was able, she fled the farm for the mean streets of NYC and Columbia University, where she pursued acting and filmmaking, and was pursued by Jeff Krasno, now her beloved partner of 30 years. Schuyler opened the first Kula just 2 blocks north of Ground Zero in 2002, in an effort to help bring some heart and community back to Lower Manhattan. (She never envisioned becoming a full-time teacher and studio owner, but sometimes life has its own logic.)

Kula Yoga Project currently has studio spaces in Tribeca, SOHO and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Schuyler has been leading teacher trainings for 16 years, and her advanced Kula Flow training has influenced hundreds of teachers and studio owners worldwide. She was a creator of the 200 and 300 hour trainings for both Kula and Wanderlust. She leads international retreats and is a mainstay at Kripalu and Esalen.

Schulyer Grant is a world-renowned yoga teacher, the founder and Co-Director of Kula Yoga Project and the Co-Creator of Wanderlust

For the past three years, she created the curriculum for and was featured in Wanderlust’s hugely popular annual 21-Day Yoga Challenges, on-line yoga courses that have drawn over 200,000 registrants. In 2015, she built the yoga program for Wanderlust Hollywood, attracting some of the world’s best teachers to the center in LA, and bringing her back to the West Coast after 25 years in NYC.

She’s very happy to have come full circle, back in California: A healthy food cooking, composting, chicken-raising mother to three daughters, all of whom she birthed at home.

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What we love about Schuyler

See a pattern here? I absolutely love working with women who exemplify female empowerment in all its forms. Schuyler embodies strength and grace in her live yoga classes, online courses and of course, at home with her family. When I do a photoshoot, I want it to reflect a real day in your life. For Schuyler, the photos I captured truly reflect who she is and what she does. Her shoot day fell in the midst of another major shoot as well as preparations for a large retreat she was leading. In between clothing changes, I found Schuyler moving furniture, holding babies, making beds, and creating beautiful spaces. I quickly gave up on directing the shoot and instead, photographed her doing what she does best, and in that, capturing the essence of who she is… a force of nature who creates safe and beautiful spaces for people to gather and learn.

Schuyler believes in the power of community and the importance of connection with self. She gives with both hands open. She’s a free spirit who’s also firmly grounded in her body and the present moment. If you ever get the chance to learn from her, grab it!

I respectfully acknowledge that I live, work and play with my family on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Lil'wat Nation