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Anastasia Creative


Genevieve Blanchet

Le Meadow's Pantry, Vancouver

“Anastasia spent a day in my kitchen capturing the movements, the colours and the different aspects of making an artisan food product. She is so quick at catching the perfect little detail, at bringing out the best of everything and most importantly making you forget that there is a camera between you and her. I truly have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for Anastasia's work.”

about genevieve

I grew up in the eastern countryside of Québec surrounded by maple trees, apple orchards, and vegetable gardens.

At an early age, I was introduced to foraging wild plants and harvesting fruits and vegetables from our land. Through this experience, my passion for food was born. This is where I learned the importance of preserving and capturing the flavours of each season.

In different capacities, much of my life has been spent around food, books, and plants.

In my early 20s, I spent several years in Europe, particularly in Spain. This is where I became more deeply interested in traditional foods. Exploring the markets of Barcelona, Rome, Florence, and Tangier, I found new flavours. I was particularly impressed how everyone seemed to eat following the seasons, and honoured the passing of knowledge of food and preservation from generation to generation.

In 1997, I moved to Vancouver and studied traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and food cures, and went on to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with a Traditional Herbalist Diploma. Medicinal plants have been a very important part of my life and my work, and I continue to deepen my knowledge and utilize them in many different ways.

I am an artisan jam and marmalade maker, a mother of two amazing daughters, two cats, and an old dog. I am a lover of fruit trees, forests, botanicals, and gardens. British Colombia is our home, surrounded by nature, orchards, and farms — the perfect location to pursue my passion for food by transforming perfectly ripe fruit into jewel-like preserves.

A big reason we love Le Meadows

I discovered Genevieve’s beautiful handcrafted edibles at the summer markets and I’m obsessed with her award-winning marmalade. My family fights over her jams!

When she asked me to photograph her workspace and her products, I was so excited to showcase the beauty of what she creates. Genevieve honors nature and the gentle, time-tested traditions of cooking with botanicals. I mean, she had me at copper pans and local produce. For real. I loved the ease in which she cooks in the kitchen. What an artist. Everything is intuitive— no measuring, just her inner-knowing.

You can find her delicious jams, marmalades, hydrosols and citrus candies at a variety of cafes and shops all over B.C.

I respectfully acknowledge that I live, work and play with my family on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Lil'wat Nation