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Frostbites Syrup Co., Squamish

"My time with Anastasia is always sacred and special. It's a time and space to allow all of the hard work I put into the business to shine. I've been a fan of Anastasia's lifestyle shots since the moment we met, and each time we've worked on a shoot for Frostbites I'm in awe of how well she captures a mood and the feeling I have about my product and business. Her photos inspire me to do better and to be better at my craft. What has really struck me with our most recent photo shoot is how well she captures a persons grace. On a personal note, I am grateful to have had Anastasia capture a moment in my journey that I am most proud of. "

about peggy

After a vacation to Kauai, and an impulse purchase of the ultimate souvenir (a shave ice machine!), husband and wife team, Peggy + Martyn, created frostbites with the intention of having a fun summer together selling.

Frostbites was born in the summer of 2010. With a promise of using predominantly locally grown ingredients to make their syrups, instead of using the common artificially flavoured day-glo & flavoured ones, Frostbites became known for their fresh, unique, whimsical flavours. Peggy + Martyn knew they were on to something great when their farmer’s market booth became a weekly stop for kids of all ages. Alongside the boom of local distilleries in BC, customers started demanding to be able to take bottles of frostbites syrups home with them to stir up cocktails and craft sodas.

Thanks to strong community support, in 2013, Peggy + Martyn established themselves as syrup manufacturers, bottling up their seasonally inspired syrups year round in Squamish, BC. 

What we love about Frostbites

When we want a refreshing snack during long photoshoots, Peggy knows exactly what to make! We also love that everything at Frostbites has a focus on small-batch and handmade food and drink. Coming up this year, they’re creating more recipe content for people to get inspiration to play with their drink- and food-making. My personal favorite…. Elderflower. Especially after watching them make it by hand after foraging the florals in our last shoot.

In 2020 Peggy and her team are taking the plunge to build out their "fun factory" and to grow frostbites to be able to reach further across Canada. We can't wait!

I respectfully acknowledge that I live, work and play with my family on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Lil'wat Nation