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Instagram Workshops

These workshops are perfect for entrepreneurs or anyone trying to live more authentically online. I’ll guide you through identifying your social purpose, building core messages and establishing content. Then we implement the strategies in real time, together. Learn about my favourite tools to streamline workflow and strategies to boost engagement so you can maximize your online efforts.

Learn to schedule and curate your Instagram feed for a whole month. Posting with intention and authenticity is the goal – not to mention the fact that you will be on your phone less! It is possible. As a class we get clear on what our hopes, wishes, and goals are for Instagram, we strategize growing audiences with the right people, and we implement tools to streamline the workflow.

Group - $225 in person / $90 via zoom
1-on-1 via zoom - $450

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Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

My mentoring sessions begin with the idea that you’re only truly successful when your business fits your life. I’ve experimented with a LOT of different ways of running my own businesses over the years—different platforms for reaching clients, different management styles, and different modalities for streamlining workflow. And the most important thing I’ve learned is this: 

It means waking up each morning feeling energized to do the work you’ve chosen.

It means feeling passionate enough to humanize your brand.

It means feeling confident enough to raise your personal and professional visibility.

It means making priorities that make the most sense for you.

It means producing content that is clear and consistent.

It means that your values align between your personal and professional lives.

It means you can smile when challenges arise because you have developed the grit and created the networks to help you pivot when times are tough.

Mentoring Sessions

i want to find out more!

There aren’t five easy steps to success when what you really want is a successful, thriving relationship with yourself.

We explore these ideas and more together during mentoring sessions, and I help you make a concrete plan for replacing your pain points with passion points by incorporating effective workflow solutions and delegating tasks that don’t feel meaningful to you.

Monthly mentoring sessions include an initial audit of your business practices, personalized support, once weekly check-ins, ongoing email support, practical and mindfulness homework, plus access to all of my lived experience, networks and resources.

Mentoring sessions are a great way to reset your internal compass if you’ve been in business for a while, and a way to make sure you are starting out in the right frame of mind if you’re launching something new. Of course, I’ll share my secrets and tested marketing strategies, but, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what an algorithm wants if it’s not what you want. Find out what you want, what you really want, and I promise the algorithm will find you. I stand by this—there’s only one route to sustainable success in business, and that’s the route that feels joyful to you. 

What does having a successful, thriving relationship with yourself mean on a day to day basis?

90 days of Narrative of Nine Instagram Curation

Authenticity is at the heart of all the stories we create, and we believe in continuing that same authenticity on social media. Instagram can be a wild, ever changing and overwhelming world, we get that! You want to use your new photos in a way that conveys who you really are, but maybe you feel a little stuck on where to start?  There seems to be thin lines between truth and over curation.  That is why we offer Instagram support using our tested Grid of Nine strategy. 

Your package includes:
Grid of Nine PDF - yours to keep
90 curated posts in chronological order
30 hashtags
Support through the process

90 days of Instagram Curation
$800 for photoshoot clients
$1200 for non-shoot clients

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meghan mccrone
muddy marvels pottery

Attending Anastasia's Instagram workshops has been one of the most impactful steps I've taken to further my business. I am a local potter in Squamish and was really struggling to authentically present my business and brand on social media. Anastasia openly shares her knowledge of how to navigate social media, manage a business, and still be present with your family. She is a lovely person who genuinely wants to see you do better in all that you do and has so many valuable suggestion and ideas to share. Anastasia has also come to my studio and taken pictures of me, my work, and my process that are stunning and have been so helpful in allowing me to authentically connect with and represent my self and my business through social media. She has been one of those pivotal people that has helped me to streamline and further my business and I am so grateful to Anastasia for offering her workshops and being the open, genuine, comfortable and insightful person she is.



Hilarie Cousar, owner Hunter Gather Eatery & Taphouse

Recently I attended a Instagram workshop facilitated by Anastasia. The moment I walked into her studio I was charmed by the vibe and warm welcome. As a newbie to instagram I was a bit apprehensive but didn’t need to be as Anastasia took us through the basics and made it all so simple. Anastasia’s own instagram is of course stunning along with her inspiring stories. The best part, she shares how she does it!  I took what I learned and applied it to our business instagram and already it looks awesome, connects with our brand, we have more followers and it’s actually fun to do (before taking the course I dreaded having to post).

Thank you so much Anastasia, you are an incredible woman and teacher. Can’t wait to join you for another workshop!!



Laura Davies

I participated in some of Anastasia’s Instagram Workshops and they were great!
Anastasia is very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of Instagram and is able to share it in a way that is simple and easy for even the most inexperienced Instagram user to be able put into action! The sessions took place in a lovely space, with an open and warm environment. I knew very little about Instagram when I started and sessions covered posts, captions, hashtags, interaction with other users, photography, editing and much more.

It’s all the little “tricks of the trade” which make a difference and Anastasia is a full bottle.



tina beks

I have been lucky to know Anastasia for a number of years. She has captured so many of our most precious But most recently I took part in a workshop to help me learn more about how I can start capturing those moments myself.

Anastasia was such an excellent teacher, as if she's been doing it forever. I learned so much from her and her ability to explain the technical side of photography in way that a beginner like myself could understand was impeccable.

Thank you Stace, for everything.

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