I'm delighted to have worked with the folks behind the following brands

I see you. I see you whether you’re just starting out, trying to change direction, upleveling your current branding or just finding your way back to someone you used to be.








“The photos anastasia has taken for us are the backbone of our communication. we use them for our instagram and facebook accounts, our website and also supply our wholesale customers with them when they want to promote our products. Anastasia invests her time in understanding our brand, and because of that has an ability to capture the essence of our story and make it come to life through pictures." 


If you connect with what you’ve seen here on the site, I hope you reach out with a hello and some details about you. Maybe we’ll discover that we love the same brand of coffee or grew up in a similar neighbourhood. Maybe we’ve travelled to the same destinations or just seen the same views from the same coffee shop windows. Connecting with you and how you see the world is where great stories begin and perhaps the reason so many friends become clients and so many clients become friends.


for the women entrepreneur who knows she needs to be more front and centre + visible in her business.

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