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Danielle Laporte

What Danielle says:

Team Anastasia creates the most beautiful day. We laughed a LOT. We oooo’d and awww’d. I’m pretty sure we all teared up a few times. It’s the best way to make beautiful images…to just be at ease with incredibly caring, talented and down-to-earth women.

Working with Anastasia and her team is pure joy. Every detail is attended to, but there’s still so much creative flow. She got the essence of who I am and what I want to offer to the world. And I got a boatload of images…so generous.

About Danielle // The Desire Map:

I’m interested in the True Reality of Love. The Love that clarifies, includes, and redeems. The Love that as A Course In Miracles puts it, “wants to join out of mutual abundance.” The Love that rushes into scarcity and division with generosity. I aspire to Love more than I am loved—it only recently occurred to me to give that a shot. It’s difficult. And amazing.

I think it’s too late in the day for business to be anything other than a vehicle for social and environmental healing. I think the opposite of spiritualism isn’t necessarily materialism—it’s greed. I think loneliness is an epidemic. I believe that wellness is our natural state of being. I love what happens when we really hear each other.

I’m a lazy vegan, an opinionated introvert, a pure sensualist. I’ve had to fight for my Joy. These days, I fight less and flow more. I’m a terrible manager, but a good leader. Music has saved my life more than once—the louder the better. I support Functional Medicine, a number of conspiracy theories, the power of prayer, big hair, and celery juice. My girlfriends are my religion. I don’t want to hack anything in my life. Nope. No hacking. Just more living.

My bookends of professional pride are as follows: I never went to university, but I directed a future-studies think tank in Washington, DC. We consulted to the Pentagon on the dynamics of social change. That was weird. Jump cut to now: my team and I support about six hundred Desire Map Facilitators & Coaches in 15+ countries. Every week, somewhere in the world, a Desire Map event happens. That’s a lot of people getting clear on their Core Desired Feelings.

A big reason we love Danielle’s work:

She creates and gives so much to women! This spring she just released her Desire Map Course with Commune. She’s woven in a bunch of the emerging science on how it’s the heart that directs the brain, not the other way around. It helps to foster deep learning, gives tools to work through suffering, and brings all of Danielle’s powerful #TruthBomb insight to a group format. You can find more info here: The Desire Map Course on Commune.

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