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Janet Corvino- Soul City Yoga

What Janet Says:

A few months ago I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Anastasia on rebranding and recreating my website. I say the privilege, because Anastasia is one of those humans who light up a room, whose energy is captivating yet peaceful.

I knew instantly that Anastasia could be the only one to pull me out of my doubt and yes fear of being photographed. I have been a yoga instructor and retreat leader for many years now, and although I feel comfortable and at home in front of the room, I do not in front of a camera. There is something naked about the experience that leaves me feeling vulnerable and exposed. I dreaded the day of the shooting and had Anastasia encourage me over the weeks leading up to it.

When the event finally arrived, I was greeted by Anastasia with a big smile and a warm heart. Throughout the day, she kept inspiring me through gentle reminders of my life’s purpose which supported me in seeing past my own struggles and to serve others in their journey. I am so thankful for her support, encouragement, creativity and wisdom.

About Janet // Soul City Yoga:

Janet is a yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer and Life Alignment coach. Born and raised in NYC and now living in the mountains of Whistler, BC, Janet is part homebody and part gypsy. She loves her home in the mountains as well as exploring the world through travel. She created Soul City Yoga Retreats to create travel and yoga experiences for her students. As a result, Janet has been travelling the world and teaching internationally. Yoga and Life Alignment Coaching are tools to get you to live a life of purpose and passion through aligning your core values with your actions.

Janet as a ERYT 500 hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor offers a playful, sweaty, deep practice with soul-searching teachings. Janet teaches “real life yoga for everyday living” by encouraging her students to explore yoga philosophy through themed classes and take their awareness into their life.

Janet as a Life Alignment Coach is soulful in her approach using yoga philosophy and CTI teachings to evoke deep insights. Janet’s candor, confidence and humour creates a playful, supportive environment to dive into action. You will be inspired to live deeply rich life filled with possibility.

Coaching and Yoga are pathways to living a life of harmony and fullness. Janet will journey with you there.

A big reason we love Janet’s work:

She melds yoga and Life Alignment coaching in such an inspiring way. On her site you’ll find a whole list of journeys which may inspire you personally through being coached uncover your life’s purpose and your leader within. Her upcoming retreats in Bhutan and Mexico inspire transformational growth through yoga and self-discovery while having heaps of fun.

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